Select from our core event series, which includes keynotes, half and full day workshops and long-term programs designed to support businesses and individuals to harness the power of purpose.


Why Purpose Matters

A 2 hour introduction to the business case for purpose. Useful for organisations curious about embarking on a purpose-led journey, but needing more evidence to gain buy-in of key stakeholders such as their Board, executive or senior leadership team.


Introduction to Purpose-Lead Strategy

A full-day workshop for entrepreneurs, executives, Boards, senior leaders and other purpose champions to learn how to build a purpose-led strategy themselves and/or to sample People With Purpose’s services before engaging us more formally.


Organisational Purpose Design

An interactive workshop that explains People With Purpose’s methodology for organisation purpose design. It offers attendees real world examples and a useful process and framework for facilitating a purpose-design process for their organisation. It is also a great entry point for purpose-curious leaders to decide whether to engage us to co-design their purpose.


Personal Purpose Design

This workshop guides participants to gain deeper insight into their personal purpose and to receive a framework for completing a purposeful life plan. It is particularly beneficial for people seeking/contemplating significant life decisions/change. It is a prerequisite program for the purposeful career planning session.


Purposeful Career Planning

This workshop is ideal for people contemplating a career change. Participants are guided to design their career journey in alignment with their personal purpose and to identify essential and desirable elements of their ideal next role. These insights are then applied to a framework for designing a detailed action plan to help make their aspirations a reality.


Becoming a Purposeful Leader

This program focuses on ‘the why, how and what’ of purposeful leadership; why purposeful leaders lead the way they do, how they do it and what this looks like in practice. It is available in an introductory half or full-day workshop format and as a long-term development program with multiple, detailed modules to build purposeful leadership capacity.


Purpose in Practice

This event series is designed to demystify what it means to be a purpose-led business. We co-host each event with one of our clients to candidly shine a spotlight on their purposeful work-in-progress, to inspire other organisations to embark on a purposeful journey of their own and to connect like-minded humans to expand the global community of ‘people with purpose’.


Register Your Interest

To register your interest in any/all of the above events please contact us below. Our event offerings are delivered as public events and are also available to be delivered as private programs within organisations.