Our Purpose

Our purpose is to equip business to improve the world.

To equip is our calling. We are leaders and enablers, researchers and practitioners, learners and teachers. We partner with leaders, empowering organisations to act with purpose.

We believe business is the most powerful lever for creating meaningful impact beyond borders. Capitalism works especially well when value is consciously created for all stakeholders.

Improving the world is what happens when organisations intentionally serve their stakeholders sustainably. Profit is the proof of shared value creation. When businesses operate with aligned and authentic purpose they help themselves and the world.


Founded in 2014 in Australia by Danielle Duell, People With Purpose is a purpose-led consulting company that specialises in equipping businesses and leaders all around the world to become more resilient and impactful.


Our Vision

At People With Purpose we believe in purposefully creating shared value. By that we mean we are passionate about helping organisations intentionally create economic value (profit) in ways that also create value for society (people) and the environment (planet).

Our vision is for shared value creation to become the dominant mindset and practice of leaders all around the world within our lifetime.

Our Promise

To make this vision come true, we work closely with CEOs’, Entrepreneurs, Executive and Senior Leadership Teams, Governments and Boards to help them collectively develop purpose-led strategies and purposeful leaders. In short, our clients choose to work with us because:

We help make profit purposefully.

Our Partners


 Our Values


We each have a clear sense of individual purpose, understand how we contribute to our company purpose and are inspired by how contributing to that purpose can powerfully improve the world for present and future generations.

Empathetic Leadership

We respectfully and thoughtfully demonstrate care and concern for ourselves, our colleagues, clients, loved ones and communities. We actively work to create open and constructive environments that model tolerance, respect, service, collaboration and accountability.

Fun and productivity

We work hard and smart with a strong sense of urgency to fulfil our responsibilities and an ability to have fun while being productive. We find great joy in delivering value for our clients and creating a happy work environment for our team mates.

Knowledge in Action

We are a team of exceptionally conscious and curious learners, but we don’t just think, or talk. We make things happen by intentionally using and sharing our knowledge, experience, talents and time to actively create new possibilities for positive impact.

Wise Choices

We are mindfully aware of our power to choose our response to any given situation and make choices our future selves will thank us for. We’ve learned that meaningful success requires consistent and persistent commitment to daily habits of excellence. We care for our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits with the aim of bringing our best selves to each moment.

Growth for Impact

We believe in our individual and collective capacity for positive change and growth which considers the 4Ps of Purpose, People, Planet and Profit. We set high standards and constantly challenge and equip ourselves, each other and our clients to grow and change for the greater good.


 Our Leaders


CEO and founder


Executive general manager


Research and relationships manager


Work and Learn With Us

In addition to our work with organisations, we have supported more than 50 future leaders through our university internship program. If you are interested in gaining experience in purpose-led business or perhaps joining our team, we would love to hear from you.