Today's Leaders are Rethinking the Role of Business in Society

It is clear to many that maximising profits as a single or primary goal is no longer effective, sustainable or equitable. It’s not tolerated by the broader community; it doesn’t attract, engage or retain the best talent; it doesn’t give adequate consideration to the social and environmental impacts business may have or solve the significant problems of our time, and it doesn’t effectively immunise businesses or entire industries from being wiped out by new entrants or shifting consumer demands.

People with Purpose helps organisations and their leaders become more prosperous, resilient and impactful, not by focusing on maximising profits per se, but by helping them become clear about why they exist and to reimagine how they might create value in ways that will improve the world. We help businesses make profit purposefully.


Making Profit Purposefully Requires Both Strategy and Leadership

An organisation can have an excellent purpose-led strategy but unless it has effective purposeful leadership to execute that strategy and engage its stakeholders in its execution, the strategy will fall short of its potential. Likewise, an organisation may have exceptional purposeful leaders, but if the leaders are not equipped with an effective purpose-led strategy their impact will be limited.


Alignment is Key

Purpose is the pinnacle of management and leadership best practice and should be used as the first filter for decision-making. It informs an organisation’s vision and strategy and the types of mindsets and toolsets to be cultivated within the business and its people.


 Purpose-led Services

Our suite of integrated, reinforcing services ensure that your purpose is activated and embedded, resulting in meaningful impact.

Purpose Design

Start with Why

Are you ready to use your business to improve the world? Create clarity amidst uncertainty; unlock your organisation’s potential using our proprietary tools to design an impactful and inspirational guiding purpose.


Principles of Good Purpose Design ©


Purpose-led Strategy Design

Put your purpose into practice using our purpose-led strategy design methodology. We help organisations design or refresh their strategy to both align with and fulfil their purpose and enable them to be revenue resilient."Revenue resilience is the ability to protect or grow revenue despite threats to existing revenue streams."
- Danielle Duell, Michael Rosemann
Sometimes this requires an ambidextrous purpose-led strategy. A great purpose-led strategy clearly defines your organisation’s purpose, vision, values, goals/objectives, strategies and KPI’s.


Purpose-led Strategy Execution


Purpose-led Operations

Strategy without action is a daydream. Invite us to support your executive leaders in co-designing purpose-led operating plans that align with your purpose-led strategy and drive commitment and desired results throughout your entire organisation.

Purpose-led Change Management

70% of change efforts fail. Engage us to co-create a purpose-led change management program that supports your people and sets your business up for a successful transition towards operating as a purpose-led business.

Purpose-led Innovation

Overwhelmed by the volume of innovation opportunities you could pursue? Have previous innovation attempts lost momentum? Enlist our support to tailor our purpose-led innovation process to your business and gain confidence to execute the most value-creating ideas.


Purposeful Leadership Development

Effectively implementing a purpose-led strategy requires purposeful leadership. Empower and inspire your leaders to execute your strategy and engage your team and other stakeholders by investing in their development as Purposeful Leaders. Based on our Purposeful Leader Model©, our purposeful leadership programs are available in multiple delivery modes.


Purposeful Coaching

Our team of coaches works with leaders and emerging leaders who seek to improve their lives, relationships, business performance and the world through their leadership impact. Our purpose-led strategy clients often engage us to coach their leadership teams and emerging leaders as part of the process of ensuring their key people are equipped with the capabilities needed to lead within a purpose-led business. We also coach individuals who seek to identify as purposeful leaders and reach out to us of their own initiative.


Purpose-led Communications

Research shows that a ‘strong, well-communicated purpose’ can contribute up to a 17% improvement in financial performance. Our team can help you develop an internal communications plan and a range of communications tools to communicate your purpose-led strategy to engage your key stakeholders. We also offer communications coaching to support key leaders responsible for driving purposeful engagement and change.



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